Number Muncher Original Small Biz Villain
Introducing the Number Muncher, our top small business villain. His favorite pastime is to tear up people’s financials.

Why a villain? Why bother with this when you’ve got customers to woo, bills to be paid, and worlds to be conquered?

It’s simple. Numbers and finance strike fear into the heart of countless entrepreneurs. Yet understanding those numbers is crucial to business success.

I introduced the Number Muncher to mimic the Stephen King movie effect.

Stephen King is the undisputed champion of horror books. His books focus on fear, often deeply rooted fears, encouraging your imagination to run wild.

That’s why the movies never live up to the books. The movies give a face to the fear.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

We want to mimic the Stephen King movie effect! The easiest way to do this is to create an avatar.

While you’re welcome to use the Number Muncher, you may find it helpful to create your own villainous avatar. Draw one, sculpt one, paint one, borrow one from popular culture, heck use stick figures if you like. The important thing is to give a face to that fear.