See Real Bottom Line Impact

Learn how to keep more money in your pocket.
You can earn what you are worth, while doing what you love.
I can show you how in just 30 days.

Your outcomes from this proven program

  • Learn my simple, effective formula to understand profit in your business. Four numbers, one equation, and you’re on your way to #ProfitRockStar status. We’ll also talk about how your business expenses are just like a college kegger.
  • Benefit from a strategic and financial assessment of your business by an experienced CFO and investment banker. This includes analysis and recommendations for prioritizing your product and service mix now and going forward. This will be shared as a live presentation and a written report.
  • Holistic evaluation and articulation of the value your services deliver. True prosperity encompasses more than money, and your services help your clients achieve prosperity. Dump the sales spiel and learn how to have a conversation about the future you will help people create.
  • An easy to use, understand, and update custom financial model will be created for you. This model will enable you to quickly and easily price services to achieve your profit goals
  • Clear, concise action steps to achieve your profit goals. Focused, prioritized, and well planned execution is the key to sustainable profit and success. The final deliverable in our work together is a detailed action plan to implement your new financial goals.
  • BONUS: Lots of laughs and the de-stressing of numbers and finance.

30 Days to Profitable Pricing – The Process

We’ll be using my proven process to assess your business, your goals, and create a custom solution designed to work with you.

Why wait? Get that monkey off your back today.

Stop wondering if your dreams are possible and start implementing a plan you know will bring success.

Book your free, no cost, no obligation consult with me, Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer®.

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