eCourses to Grow Your Profit

eCourses by The Numbers WhispererDo want to learn how to grow your business profit?

As a busy entrepreneur you need options that work with your unpredictable, overtaxed schedule. A little fun thrown into the mix as well wouldn’t hurt.

At a price that fits your tight budget of course.

We have a solution.

Online eCourses you can access from anywhere, at any time.

Designed and taught by The Numbers Whisperer® herself, Nicole Fende. The double threat combination of Nicole’s extensive real world finance experience, coupled with her engaging sense of humor is sure to entertain and educate.

In facet all our courses are backed by the Pocket Protector Pledge. You’ll laugh or Nicole will eat her pocket protector.

It’s time to take charge of your bottom line.

Tame Your Fear of Finance - Click to Learn More

Is fear of finance holding your business back?

Would you like 31 ways to tame this beast?

Interested in a free ecourse to learn how?

Finance expert Nicole Fende is sharing the secrets to overcoming this obstacle to profits. In this eCourse she reveals how to tame your fear of finance.

At Absolutely NO Cost to You!

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Rock Your Profits: Roadie to Rock Star - Click to Learn More

  • Have you been hiding from your small business finances?
  • Are you worried if you look too closely you’ll find out how bad the numbers look?
  • Do you feel embarrassed that you don’t have all this in order and under control?

You Are Not Alone.

You work hard. Really hard. But your profits have flat-lined, or worse, fallen off a cliff.

Imagine a course that combines creative thinking, rock star energy, and practical solutions. Imagine a place to learn that’s safe, supportive, and responsive. Imagine feeling empowered by your finances, not intimidated. This is it.

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