Money Mantras for Entrepreneurs, Artists and Right Brain Biz Owners

Money Mantra CardsMoney Mantra Cards are the next best thing to hearing me (in Darth Nicole mode) whispering in your ear all day.

Over the past few years I’ve collected a list of my usual catch phrases, the ones my clients know so well they can repeat them verbatim. They represent ideas, mindsets, and warnings that are crucial to your success.

It’s easy in your hectic, daily grind to forget a lesson you heard two months ago. Or to ignore the advice that guards your profit when faced with a really big client, famous customer, or a project that will “catapult you to success”.

Since I can’t be everywhere at once (still working out the kinks of my time machine), and boring stuff gets shoved in a drawer, I created these Money Mantra graphics.

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Money Mantra Gallery

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