Nicole's Infectious Laugh

Nicole Fende Laughing I’m on a mission to help you tame the numbers beast and other nasty villains trying to destroy your business profits.

I had considered world domination. Found out that was already taken (drat), and really it wasn’t a good fit with my secret weapon anyway.

Anyone considering something as epic as world domination must have a secret weapon. Curious about mine?

Listen to My Secret Weapon (Hint: It’s my laugh)

I have the most infectious laugh on the planet. Disclosure: This statement has not been reviewed by the FDA, CDC, or Austin Powers.

My completely unscientific, yet far reaching studies have shown that no one can resist my laugh.

Curious? Doubtful?

On the bottom of this page is a laugh button. Press it to hear one a randomly selected recording of me laughing. I’ve included that button in the sidebar throughout my site, so comic relief is always just a click away.

Welcome to a world where finance makes you laugh.

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