Money Mantra Card Deck – Volume 1

Money Mantra CardsMoney Mantra Cards are the next best thing to having Nicole (a.k.a The Numbers Whisperer®) with you every day.

Over the past few years Nicole has collected her most popular catch phrases, the ones her consulting clients know so well they can repeat them verbatim. They represent ideas, mindsets, and warnings that are crucial to your business success.

It’s easy in your hectic, daily grind to forget a lesson you heard two months ago. Or to ignore the advice that guards your profit when faced with a really big client, famous customer, or a project that will “catapult you to success”.

Since Nicole can’t be everywhere at once (she’s still working out the kinks of her time machine), and boring stuff gets shoved in a drawer, she created these Money Mantra cards.

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This deck includes twenty four (24) unique Money Mantra cards. The cards measure 3.5 inches square and are manufactured in Madison Wisconsin. They are printed on high quality playing card stock. Keep them all for yourself, or share with your colleagues and clients.

You can expect appearances by the entire cast of characters; Fluffy the Finance Feline, Maxine the Math Mutt, Serial Profit Killer, Debbie the Distractor, and The Number Muncher.

That’s 24 profit protecting cards for less than a dollar each!

Commissioned artwork on back of cards by Emmy White.
Original character illustrations by Jennifer “Scraps” Walker.
Mantras and card layout by Nicole Fende.

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Just looking for your favorite mantra?

No problem. You can buy our most popular Money Mantra cards for only $3.95 each.
All the cards below are included in the full deck.

Money Mantra Card - Time
Time is your most precious asset. You can’t save it up, roll it over, buy some, or borrow more. $3.95 each.

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Money Mantra Card - 1000 Cuts
Every $1 of Expense You Fail to Track Costs You $1.35. Avoid this or suffer… Death by 1,000 Cuts. $3.95 each.

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Money Mantra Card - Rock Stars Adapt
Hit a Snag? Remember… Rock Stars Adapt! $3.95 each.

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