Nicoles Profitable DeskYour attitude drives your success.
Stay positive to stay profitable.
Drink lots of coffee.

You’ve heard these business mantras many times before. Ok maybe not the last one… unless you’ve got my office bugged. Bottom line? Your attitude does affect your profit.

What effects your attitude? Yes I know these pesky numbers people and their linear minds. Humor me (or push my laugh button and humor yourself). What effects your attitude?

Your environment.

What is the single place you spend time consistently when working?

Your desk.

Step Behind the Curtain to See What’s On My Profitable Desk

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You might think, a desk is a desk. It holds my computer, paper, a beverage (coffee please!), and some pens. What else do I need?

Do you use salt? Pepper? Cinnamon? Sage? Nutmeg? No I haven’t lost my mind. It’s a real question. Do you eat food that’s bland, boring, yet nutritionally good for you? Not if you can help it. In fact you’ll avoid that bland, perhaps even bad tasting food at all costs, going straight for the best tasting stuff even if it has zero nutritional value (chocolate cheesecake sounds good even at 7 a.m.).

Your subconscious sees your environment every minute of every day.

What are you telling yourself?

Let’s deconstruct my desktop messages. Use them as prompts to thoughtfully decide what deserves a spot on your desk. FYI – normally these are spread out across my desk, I grouped them together for the picture.

Pictures of Family

While I’m passionate about my work it doesn’t define my life. Having pictures of my husband and daughter on my desk helps me stay focused on why I work.

Since becoming a parent I’ve discovered that my daughter provides a valuable litmus test. I now consider how she might view my actions as she grows older. Would she be proud? Disappointed? Inspired?

On days where feelings of uncertainty, frustration, and depression run rampant I look at her picture and think about that message. I want to teach her to be a fighter, to follow her passion, to help others, and do the right thing. If I don’t lead by example how will she learn?

Client & Colleague Tokens

BringMeCoffeeThe coffee plant drawing comes courtesy of Tori Deaux at Quirkipreneurs. Tori has been a valued colleague, creative cohort, and friend over the past few years. Her encouragement and advice was the genesis to embrace my quirks and break out of the corporate mold.

I wouldn’t be writing for the Word Carnival today if she hadn’t encouraged me to write with my own voice. This card reminds me to be myself and that I’m not alone.

The ceramic owl next to my coffee plant? Given to me by a client with a handwritten note thanking me for all my help. All the money in the world couldn’t buy the feeling when I received that gift.

The owl serves as a reminder of why I do what I do. I help people. I make a difference.

Mug & Mantras

ProductImage-RockStarsAdaptOf course my desk would not be complete without at least one mascot! Fluffy the Finance Feline joins me every day on this Money Mantra Card.

A desk without coffee is no desk of mine. There is always a mug of coffee on my desk. I find the scent alone helps me be comfortable yet energized. In this picture I’ve chosen a mug from the book launch for “How to be a Finance Rock Star“. A great reminder of what I’ve already accomplished and a spur to do even more.

The Jar of Buttons

I debated whether or not to explain this jar. The story is quite personal. Yet it’s something I look at consciously every day.

When I was a young kid, I remember my paternal grandmother had a jar of buttons. I was endlessly fascinated by this jar as the buttons were all shapes, sizes, and colors. My grandmother (a smart, independent, and loving woman who I still miss) would let me play with the buttons, but I could never take any. Looking back I realize that living through the depression she kept those buttons “just in case”.

A few years ago my Dad and I were arguing about something. Somehow my childhood came into it. He had been remarking on something one of my sisters had been involved in briefly, yet couldn’t remember my similar, and more lengthy, involvement. I threw out that he hadn’t really paid as much attention to me, he couldn’t even remember this involvement. I was mad and hurt, and frankly behaving like a kid not an adult.

Fast forward a week. A package arrives in the mail for me from my Dad. What the heck is this? I opened it up and inside was a jar of buttons with a simple note.

I remember you always wanted a jar of buttons.

Your Turn

Take 10 minutes and really look at your desk. What messages are you sending yourself? What messages do you want to be sending? Transform your space into one that supports profit in your business. I’d love to see pictures – feel free to share on Facebook or post on Pinterest and tag me.

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