Beach Sand to Biz for ProfitI love the beach, yet I live in a cold climate. When summer finally does arrive I itch to get outdoors, preferably spending time on sugary sand next to large bodies of water.

But I have a business to run.

Is this a familiar dilemna? Do you long to be lounging on a beach towel listening to the waves?

Help is here!

Learn how to play in the sand and grow your business profit.

This is part of Bring Your Biz to the Beach, a free tour of tips and tools by small biz experts to help YOU to find your freedom, join in the summer fun, and grow your bottom line.

Play in the Sand for ProfitSince we can’t take the day to go to the beach, we’ll bring the beach to us instead. You’ll need two items to make this happen, however they are very inexpensive. They can be found at any craft store, and probably at most big box convenience stores.

  • Clear Plastic Shoe Box ~ $1
  • Decorative Sand ~ $3

Let’s Hit the Beach

Take the lid from the shoebox, flip it over, and place it on your desk or other flat surface. Pour the sand into lid. Presto – you’ve got a beach!

Run your fingers through it. Hold some in your hand. Gaze at your mini vista. If you’re really feeling ambitious prop a beach picture up behind it.

NOTE: If you have cats do not leave your beach unattended for long periods of time. It may be mistaken for a litter box.

Translating Play to Profit

I bet you’re thinking…

How is this going to help my business?

Good question.

Here are just a few ways you can turn your mini beach into a major profit booster.

Destress to Refocus
Stress is proven to reduce creativity and critical thinking. Stress saps your mojo, which is never good for an entrepreneur. Give yourself permission to take a break with your beach. I love to pick up the sand and then slowly let it fall back onto my “beach”. Try closing your eyes and simply placing your hand on the sand. You’ll be amazed at how it connects your mind to that relaxed beach mentality.

Give yourself 5 minutes, or perhaps the length of one fun summer song, and then return to work.

TakeABreak-DraftStoneChange Your Perspective
No matter how brilliant we are (and let’s face it – we rock!), we still get stuck in a rut. Our wheels spin, but nothing goes anywhere. This can be particularly frustrating when we see the bustle, activity and vitality of summer around us.

Shake things up by adding an unexpected object to your beach. Don’t take long to pick the object, just grab and go. Use this scene to boost you out of that rut. In my case I picked a beautiful buffed agate stone (pictured on left). Life finance, it needed to be buffed and prepped before it was appealing to the masses. Hmm… lot’s of great insights to run with there.

Beach Analogies
Relate your business to a usual beach scene. What sells well on the beach? Why and to whom? How are people marketing things? Public beaches are a thriving economy, learn from them.

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