Customer Service Shouldn't Be Self-Serving

Are you all about the customer? Do you read customer service horror stories and swear "That will NEVER be me!" or "I'd never do that!"? That's a good attitude. Admirable even. Except for one little thing. You're not focusing on the customer, you're focusing on...

Kidproof Your Small Biz Profits

For the past two days my Kindergartner has been at home unexpectedly. The polar vortex has struck again in Minnesota, with temperatures nearing -20 degrees and wind chills dipping down to -37! Snow storms, illness (projectile vomiting is the worst), or problems with...

Client Communication Explained by Prime Numbers

Ever open up a client email and exclaim, "They just don't get it!" or "Weren't they listening to me?" My personal angst is, "Don't they remember we talked about this?!" Welcome to the world of customer service. Whether you offer a service or a product, you're B2B or...

What will You Learn in the Cave on Dagobah?

Entering unknown territory is scary. Add in fog, a cryptic teacher, and larger than life nemesis and you get the cave on Dagobah. In The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker decides to enter a creepy cave during his Jedi training with Master Yoda. Although Yoda tells...

The Declaration of You Will Lead to More Profit

Do you wonder if you’re really worth what you charge? Do you agonize over quoting prices, often preemptively dropping the amount before the client even sees it? Do you question if something that is spiritually fulfilling should include a price tag? Then it’s time to discover how to feel good about yourself and the prices you charge.

Play in the Sand to Grow Your Profits

When summer arrives I itch to get to the beach. But I have a business to run. Is this a familiar dilemna? Do you long to be on a beach towel listening to the waves? Help is here!

Bring Your Biz to the Beach

It’s July. You wish you could be at the beach, but your business needs you. Why not bring your biz the beach? Learn how to get stuff done and have some fun.